BEI Project #1

The amount of energy consumed by end users now represents around 80% of the actual energy provided.  Considering the fact that this is systemic across the globe, the world’s electric community and its consumers lose hundreds of billions annually to waste.  Damage to the grid and infrastructure neglect over time have only exacerbated the problem.  Line congestion and blackouts are becoming routine.

There is a solution.  This solution represents over 25 years of meticulous R&D and multiple millions of dollars invested.  It is cutting edge and much like Uber, AirB&B and other recognized innovations, it is disruptive; a game changer.  After all these years, the technology has been perfected to the point where it’s finally  “plug and play ready” and scalable.

Our company is on the front lines as it pertains to this amazing new and proprietary technology.    Blockchain Energy, Inc. is taking the lead on this exciting new technology via an exclusive partnership.  In California alone, there are 66,000 end user accounts that represent $1.5B in potential revenue for Blockchain Energy, Inc., and that’s just one state.  The revenue potential across the globe is unlimited.    More information on BEI Project #1 will be made available soon.