Energy related blockchain projects have begun across the globe.  New energy devices for both home and commercial use are now readily available and in search of reliable distribution channels.  The process of purchasing and consuming energy by both individuals and businesses alike is being transformed.   Disruptive technologies have been developed that will literally transform the energy market as we know it.  Just a few of the reasons that the future of our company is bright.  Vortex Brands, Inc. is a holding company and Blockchain Energy, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary that is tapping into a number of opportunities in the energy sector in order to create powerful revenue streams for the company and tremendous value for our shareholders.


Our team includes experienced energy industry leaders, innovators and financial experts.  Opportunities are abundant and we have assembled the team necessary to ensure we engage in energy related projects, partnerships and investments that are beneficial to the company and provide synergies and economies of scale where possible.

Projects, Partnerships & Investments

BEI Project #1

The amount of energy consumed by end users now represents around 80% of the actual energy provided.  Considering the fact that this is systemic across the globe, the world’s electric community and its consumers lose hundreds of billions annually to waste.  Damage to the grid and infrastructure neglect over time have only exacerbated the problem.  …

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